Door to door air and sea shipping to Pakistan from UK


The basic role of Cargo Company is to pick the goods from the customers’ desired place, instantly post it towards the destination after making all the prerequisite formalities. Door to Door simply means to pick your cargo from the doorstep in the UK and to deliver it to your proposed destination in Pakistan, Mirpur and AJK. No doubt host of cargo companies are in operation to send cargo to Pakistan and AJK but we, a Star Cargo, are a little bit different from others in the context of rates and quality of services. Our rates are very minimum and services rendered too, are uniquely coined with matchless and affordable packages. These packages are specially devised for sending your deliveries to Pakistan and Azad Kashmir including Mirpur to serve you all in all.

Reasonable Rates without Digging Your Pocket Deep

We provide swift, laid-down, fleet, comfortable and secure services from the UK to Pakistan, Mirpur and AJK. Our cost-effective and tailor-made services would truly suit you in all regards for sending your personal effects, excess baggage and gifts. We pay special heed to tackle your all need to send shipments. So rest assured that our services are cheaper than the rest of the companies associated with the cargo.

Punctual and Committed Cargo Service

We are available round the clock i.e. 24/7 for your ease and comfort. This makes quite comfortable for you to have any information about your cargo in the transit. In this way, you can keep yourself in touch at any time at your own ease to know about your shipment. We are very strict and punctual to fulfil our promise so that your shipment travels speedily without holding on the way and reaches the consignee safely.

A Comprehensive and Competent Service

We have not limited our innovative services to Pakistan but have specially extended them up to Azad Kashmir including Mirpur. We never compromise on quality and excellence. We assure you that we deal in the most professional manner swiftly and safely. Without any exaggeration, we assure you that our trusted service would not only save your time but your hard-earned money as well.

We Avoid Things to Get Entangled

Though sending cargo is a somewhat complicated and onerous procedure, but when you hand it over to us, then we take all your worries and it becomes our headache to proceed further. Through our Port to Door Cargo, Port to Port Shipping, Container Shipping and Freight Shipping services, we provide our services for a small load, medium load and large load.

Committed and Dedication for the Best

Our commitment and dedication always take us to an extra mile. It goes without saying that our trusted, competitive, efficient and innovative online service from the UK to Pakistan, Mirpur and AJK explores the new horizons in the field of cargo for the pursuit of better services for you only. It is pertinent to mention here that our skilled, professional, qualified and well-versed field staff extends its all services for your entire satisfaction. Our deliverable, speedy and visionary services would fascinate you, due to our experienced and untiring working capabilities that is the epitome of our service.

A Reliable and Distinctive Name in the Cargo

We have made our name distinctive in the sphere of overseas career and logistics, which has made us a trusted and emerging company across the globe by dint of our headwork and professional ethics. Our trusted services have made us an accomplished and venerable supply chain online solution. We deliver you an array of support and logistic services especially Door to Door cargo like extra baggage, gifts, documents etc. It is focussed that we provide error-free and superb cargo service of high value as compared to other competitor cargo companies.

An Active Tracking and Monitoring System

A Star Cargo has devised a tracking system that is extraordinary and specific which consistently monitors the flow of the cargo in transit. There is no iota in saying that all details of the shipments are properly entered in record system by which any shipment can be traced out easily at any step of its transit.

The information technology as we know has put its deep-rooted effects on almost every sphere of life. Then how the Cargo Sector could remain aloof from this advancement. There have been tremendous changes occurred in handling and carrying the cargos at airports and ports during the flow of goods. And make sure while collecting the goods from the seaport, the consignee is not affected at all.

Beware of the Substandard Cargo Companies

One should be very careful while selecting a cargo company for sending a shipment to Pakistan, AJK and Mirpur. It should be kept in mind that a company with restricted resources and limited field network would cause to suffer you greatly. So, specifically, make it certain the credibility and expertise of the cargo company you are going to choose.

The most facilitated feature of a Star Cargo is the hassle-free and dependable service having good repute in the cargo sector. That is why, tons of people send shipments daily to Pakistan, AJK and Mirpur with full confidence and trust.

Prohibition of Hazardous Items

Though there is no limit of sending deliveries to Pakistan and AJK, yet prohibited things like firearms, life jackets, weapons and explosives, animals, hazardous materials, aerosol cans, cash money, tobacco products etc. are strictly banned.

The most wonderful and amazing approach you will note, that is our immediate priority to satisfy you by detailing each and everything about the route of the cargo, time consumed and amount spent on it. It has adhered that nothing is concealed so that you could have a clear picture of the whole procedure of the cargo delivery.

Secure and Quick Delivery System

Our most experienced team would ascertain it that the shipment you are going to send to Pakistan or AJK or Mirpur, is collected from your doorstep after making necessary paperwork and this entrusted to the airport or seaport for sending onward to its destination. Our Door to Door service is from home to home and wherever you reside in the UK, we would collect the parcel you are going to send and after making prior documentation, it will be despatched without losing a single moment.

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