Cheapest sea shipping prices from UK to Pakistan


A plethora of more than one million Pakistanis settled in the UK, is a big source of revenue. Although these Pakistanis are settled since long there, yet their roots are still here in Pakistan. Their near and dear ones are living here. Accordingly, huge transactions and cargo deliveries are being carried out daily. Cargo service has now transformed into an industry, and across the world, countless cargo companies are in operation. There is no exaggeration that a country without cargo service, hardly exists around the globe. A Star Cargo is one of the best way to send cargo to Pakistan from any part of the UK.

Current Scenario of Sea Cargo

After Brexit, now the UK is passing through transition period and yet no final policy is implemented yet. That is why the businessmen connected with the cargo services, are very much upset due to it. Obviously, Sea Cargo to Pakistan from the UK would also be affected due new policies of the UK about Sea Cargo. And surely, tons of Pakistanis who are sending their shipments to Pakistan and AJK would be affected by it.

Before it, the UK was a member of the European Union and now 27 members’ body of the European Union too, is under the dilemma of making new strategies with regard to the UK and likewise, the UK is very much concerned about having an independent cargo policy especially of sea cargo. In this context, all the rules and regulations of custom and excise would have to be refabricated.

Just Feel Our Care in Handling your Cargo

A Star Cargo is one of most reliable and an efficient sea cargo service. For your information, Sea Cargo is carried out through various means like Port to Door Cargo, Port to Port Shipping, Container Shipping and Freight Shipping. It is a very secure and reliable method in which all the goods to be sent are first packed in the containers and then the containerised goods are shifted onto the ships. After this, your cargo sets on the journey towards its destination i.e. Port of Pakistan.

Custom Clearance Really a Holy Grail

This is well established fact that custom clearance process varies from country to country and of course port to port. It is never advisable to send your goods personally from the port. It is a matter of fact that this is somewhat onerous procedure. This is truly a Holy Grail for the new ones.

But now you need not to worry at all because our skilled team equipped with all the rules and regulations applied at Sea Cargo, without giving you any ache and pain, will get it done quite easily. All the relative documentations and formalities are fulfilled skilfully.

Our Coordinated System of Inland Transportation

We have well-coordinated linkages with the freight forwarding companies and having the lowest package, we make final choice so that your wallet is not dug out deeply. We just make the compliance of your consignment. Looking at the overall cargo process, the very fact is revealed that the ultimate destination of the sea cargo is a port. It is worthwhile to mention here that our services are perfectly up to the mark and suit you.

Our Innovated System Assisted by Legacy

Through our monitoring and checking system, you can have access to the status of your shipment while it is in transit. Among all the modes of cargo, the sea cargo is most important as mostly the heavy and unmanageable goods are delivered through it. Another plus of sea cargo is its cheap cost as compared to air cargo.

Comfortable Booking

We aim at providing all sort of ease and comfort to our valued customers who always trust us and prefer to send their valuable shipments through A Star Cargo which is a name of quality and trust. As a matter of fact, nowhere during the flow of your consignment, we neglect it, rather our comprehensive managerial teamwork makes it possible to ensure that your shipment is reached in the stipulated period at the destination safely.

Flexible and Sustainable Booking Procedure

The thing which makes us unique and trustworthy is our flexible and sustainable handling procedure of the sea cargo. In this regard we take all the due care of honourable customers’ aspirations and adjust it while the shipment is in transit.

Transparent System without any Hidden Cost

Our team makes it possible to adopt a crystal clear system while booking your cargo. And it is also ensured and guaranteed that no hidden charges would be involved till the shipment reaches to its destination. Hence prior to book the shipment, we give detail each and every thing including the cost involved to the consignee.

Reap the Benefits

Surely, being second to none, you can avail our service with utmost confidence and trust of course. It makes no difference that how much weight you want to send through sea cargo. Either it is oversized cargo, full container load or less than container load, we accommodate all our most respected and honoured customers.

Plan a New Course for Your Freight

We make it sure that all the shipments are forwarded safely, right from its departure from the doc to the final destination. Whole way, while the cargo is in transit, we conduct a strict monitoring and evaluation so the consignment is reached within the scheduled period of time.

Our Classy Management System

We extend all our energies to make the logistics management system of your consignment comfortable and transparent. It is tried utmost that no hurdle comes on the way during the transit period of the goods. Each and every step in this context is made easy like custom clearance, consolidation and ocean transportation.

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