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In this era of high tech world, we see new innovations and services to ease the human beings. Cargo services are among one of these services which have become vital for us. Just imagine the scene of remote past when a huge time was consumed to send some document, parcel or your other belongings. But the scene has now changed entirely and you would find in your close vicinities some cargo service from where you can send your belongings swiftly. Now it is quite easy to Send Cargo to Pakistan in shortest possible time across the world.

Surely, you would find scores of companies dealing with sending parcels but to whom trust in, is enigma for you. How it is possible that you hand over your precious or fragile items to a company about whom you are not certain. Be warned, credibility of Cargo Company is the main essence which it should have. You can trust us as we have a good deal of experience in this field. We pursue to have long term relationships with our customer. That is why we extend all our skills to have a success story.

Reasons to Send with Us

When and wherever you feel to avail a parcel service to the distant locations of Pakistan, Mirpur and other far-flung areas of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, our quick and proficient Parcel Service is quite suited to you. We care your parcel at each step and at no place, it remains unattended or on the mercy of weather.

Irrespective of the size of the parcel, you can send it on very economical charges through a Star Cargo with utmost security and speed. Our strong commitment to have the best, ensures the prompt delivery of your parcels from the UK to Pakistan, Mirpur and other parts of AJK. We never charge an extra amount on the pretext of extra services. That is why our integrity has floated our name very high in the realm of Cargo.

Booking Procedure

Do you want to send a parcel but are in dilemma from where to start? That is not a hectic job. As far as our booking procedure is concerned, it is very conducive to provide you all the comfort. Our highly sophisticated and comprehensive booking system offers you instant service. After effortless browsing, you chose the desired package and proceed further. In this regard, you just send us quote, get registered and our representative will be at your doorstep to pick the parcel. He will accomplish some formalities on the spot like weighing and documenting the parcel to be sent to Pakistan, Mirpur and other parts of AJK.

Our unique system provides you superb services with all peace of mind and safety. You need not to leave your residence or office at all. We will pick your all baggage from the site which you suggest. We never take a rest for the sake of consistent service for you. That is why our customer service is open 24/7 for you.

Our Trusted Parcel Service

It is pertinent to mention here that our parcel service is of high quality and that too are on cheapest rates. But always bear in mind that we never compromise on quality which is our hallmark. If you are to send your parcel in urgency so that it could reach in a hurry, then no service would suit you except ours. Millions of people send their parcels through our reliable and hassle free service to Pakistan, Mirpur and other parts of AJK.

Well-Integrated and Extensive Delivery System

We have devised a well-integrated and extensive delivery system that is specially tailored to encompass your needs for sending parcels. Our safe and covered warehouses provide ample space to accommodate the daily coming parcels in transit. Our cost-effective service is extraordinary and keeps on increasing our customers daily.

Huge and small parcels are attended with great care and there is no iota of negligence towards handling these parcels. Specific attention is given for the protection of the parcels in transit and it is adhered that your parcel reaches as it is, to its destination point. We are expert in handling the shipped airfreight or large pallets with minimum and affordable prices.

Fast Tracking and Monitoring System

Our fast tracking and monitoring system puts a vigilant eye on the parcels in transit that is a big plus to our accomplishment. To have absolute security of the parcels being processed, these are scanned in a bid to have detail record of each parcel. This makes it possible to monitor the parcel flow fully. This enables us to let you know the exact location of your parcel at any time.

As described earlier, all the parcels are scanned to have a systematic record with us so that we could respond to your queries about the location of these parcels. Our Tracking and monitoring system keeps a complete record of the parcels being handled with specific detail about each shipment.

Strict Security Measures

We take the full responsibility of having a secured delivery of your parcel. At every step while the parcel is in transit, due care is taken for safety and protection of the parcel. It is ascertained that all the parcels reach to its destination point without any damage or loss. But even then for safety purpose, in case of some unusual situation, our monitoring system will automatically intimate you about this situation through an email and update you at every moment.

Self-Improving System

Our passionate instinct urges to have more improvements in our system with the help of discrepancies observed on daily basis. We never show any reluctance in adjusting a better system to enhance our capabilities as we believe that to err is human. Our ultimate goal is to deliver the best services to our revered customers who are the centre of our whole business.

Get Prior Intimation about the Prohibited Things

To avoid any inordinate delay on the transit, it is best to have a thorough checking of your luggage to be packed as parcel so that nothing is packed that is prohibited or hard to import to Pakistan, Mirpur and other areas of AJK. Every country has certain restrictions on importing specific things. Likewise, every relevant detail should be mentioned clearly on the parcel.

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