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Our Cargo Services

Why Choose Us?

Instant Rates:
We always strive to offer our clients best cargo services from UK to Pakistan & Azad Kashmir. We make sure that our customers send their parcels to Pakistan at lowest possible rates.
custom duty
No Custom No Duty:
A Star Cargo proudly offers custom free and duty free cargo services to Pakistan and Azad Kashmir. Our rates usually include all the taxes and charges.
hassle free
Hassle Free:
We are dedicated to provide our clients timely and hassle free services. We offer cheap parcel delivery and use best courier companies in Pakistan to deliver the parcel at your door step.

Cheapest way of shipping to Pakistan

Anyone who has ever lived or worked abroad knows the importance that cargo services play in the lives of a nonresident Pakistani. Before companies like A Star Cargo who specialize their services to send cargo to Pakistan, parcel shipping was either run by the Royal Mail services or by the Cargo giants like FedEx or DHL who would neither prioritize nor facilitate the need to send parcels to those destinations and it would take ages to get the parcel to any destination in Pakistan. The rates those cargo companies used to charge were close to extortionate. Thanks to companies like A Star Cargo this is not the case anymore.

A Star Cargo-Your One-Stop Solution for freight shipping from UK to Pakistan

A Star Cargo is an independent cargo career company that specializes sending your cargo to Pakistan and Azad Kashmir. We specialize in providing shipping services for goods, parcels excess baggage, to Pakistan from UK. We have devised a streamlined process from the pickup of the parcel from your doorstep to packaging the parcel according to the international cargo standards and delivering the cargo to its destination for the swift and safe delivery service and take pride in providing seamless services and unbeatable prices.

Services which we provide

Door to Door Service

Door to door service is our premium service where we provide you maximum relief and you don't have to move an inch. All you need to do is fill in the details and order the door to door services and one of our representative would collect the parcel from your doorstep and it will be packaged according to the international cargo standards and soon it would be on its way to its destination.

Drop off Service

This service is cheaper option and involves you coming to our branch and dropping off your cargo. So, you not only save money but time as well and we package it according to the international cargo standards in front of you and send it towards its destination.

Excess Baggage Service

This service is available for those who are going to Pakistan in the same dates as the cargo would reach there and can claim the excess baggage and reclaim the baggage themselves. It is a very economical choice and many travelers save a lot of money on it.

Modes of Shifting Cargo

There are two main modes for delivering the cargo

Air Cargo Services to Pakistan

Our main mode of transportation is air cargo. It's the fastest and safest way to shift the cargo to Pakistan. It suits the people who would like to get their cargo quickly to Pakistan without any delays.

Sea Cargo Services

Sea cargo service may take a lot longer than the air mail services but then its many times cheaper as well. Sea cargo is slower mean of traveling and occasionally it takes longer to fill up the whole container load and can cause delays. If air mail delivers the cargo within one working week then sea cargo services may take 3 to 5 weeks to get it to your destination in Pakistan.

Business Shipments to Pakistan from UK

A large number of business community depends on the cargo industry to deliver the shipments and successfully conduct their businesses. Responsibility increases many folds when it comes to commercial shipping as the stakes are much higher and swift and timely delivery of their cargo is what matters the most.

We have brought two choices for the business clients to deliver their cargo.


Every business has its unique requirements and some business require less space to shift their cargo and would not prefer the whole container to their name. WE have a choice that would save them money and offer them LCL, which means "Less than container load" so they don't pay for the whole container and just book a place in a joint container and as soon as the container is filled, the load is sent on its way.


Incase you need to book a complete container to send the items to Pakistan then FCL is the option for you. FCL stands for "Full container load" basically you book the full container and thus save time as you do not have to wait for the container to be filled and you get discounted price for booking the full container.

A Star Cargo has kept in mind every requirement and every little detail that a customer can demand and have devised a streamlined approach to facilitate every customer to its maximum. If you would like to send a parcel or cargo through any means of transportation, it does not matter what is it and how big small or odd shaped it is, we are here to help. Just give a call to our dedicated customer services and we would take your concerns and make them ours. A Star cargo is always there to help you all in all.

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